The bigger picture

Author: Shannon de Roos, PhD student at KU LeuvenAgricultural productivity has vastly increased over recent decades as agricultural technologies have

Exploring hydrological processes in the Czech agricultural landscape

Author: Tailin Li, PhD student at Czech Technical University in PragueThe Czech agricultural landscape is not only fascinating for photographers, but

Water – life’s most essential resource.

Author: Nina E NoreikaWater – it is life’s most essential resource. We use it as recreation, to travel, to grow crops, to quench our own thirst. As su

Sustaining food production requires efficient management of natural resources

Sustaining food production in the years ahead requires technically efficient management of natural resources and the surrounding environment. Differen

Soil damage that might a-maize you ? Time to cover up !

Cristina McBride-Serrano, SHui Research Technician at Lancaster University.Forage maize production is rapidly expanding in the UK to provide animal fe